Project Dependencies

It is my goal to minimize the dependencies of the project to remain inline with my plan to keep this framework as simple as possible. However, it is inevitable that some dependencies cannot be avoided, while others may be needed until I can eliminated in the future.


At a bare minimum, I will require PHP v5.4. I need to evaluate if I should just require v5.6. Ultimately, I will want to optimize for PHP v7, and will have to consider if I should switch completely to using PHP 7, and if I should maintain any 5.x support at all.


At this point, I plan to use composer to install all any package dependencies, as well as to install the various limeQ packages themselves for a project. I will investigate building simple scripts to aid in the setup of a new project without requiring much knowledge of composer, etc., but Composer addresses most of my needs for dependency management for now well enough to not attempt to build this functionality myself.

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