The Meaning of the limeQ Name

The officially meaning of the limeQ name is:

Lightweight, Intuitive, Modular Engine Quest

This project represents my “quest” to find a modular engine for building web applications that meets my personal needs. As this is something I have started and stopped many times over the years – with several early iterations of it being built and some even being put in use – the idea of this being a quest seemed very fitting. As far as the other components of the name…

  • lightweight = an emphasis on simple code, efficient code
  • intuitive = a focus on an easy to understand system with a very low learning curve for development
  • modular = organization of the code into modules to be included only if needed
  • engine = an engine to put it all together to deliver the webpages, api services and scripts

[callout]Dual Definitions:

I am also working on a secondary definition for limeQ. It’s hard to ignore that the “i” in lime could just as easily be for “Ian”, as in “…Ian’s Modular Engine”, but I need all the right words for this to make sense. “Library for Ian’s Modular Engine” just doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue so well.[/callout]

This entire project is at this point a work in progress, so it is also quite appropriate the definition of the name was something which was in flux for a long time. In fact, the possibility remains that I will adjust the meaning if I have better ideas in the future for it. When I was first searching for a name for this project I actually liked the idea of incorporating the word “lime” into the name and as the domain name was available, I grabbed it. The idea of obtaining a nice sounding 5 letter domain, when there are virtually none left was the primary reason I picked this name for the project. In fact, it was years later, when I really started to work more on the project that the name was truly defined.

It’s worth nothing that I picked the word “lime” in the first place, simply because limes are an important component in so many great cocktails.

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